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What We Bring to the Table

Time is Money

With the help of EPM&BI, there will be less time spent gathering data and more time analyzing it to make better decisions.  There is significantly less chance of errors occurring by converting manual processes into automated systems. View our page on spreadsheet risk to see how we can help you.

Need for Speed

You will gain quicker analytic, reporting, and budgeting results enabled by the system’s efficiencies in collecting and processing large amounts of data.  This streamlining of your business gives a greater opportunity to devote time and resources to higher value activities.

Handling the Truth

One version of the truth so everyone is on the same page.  Sourcing data from the same place reduces time to understand differences and accelerate comfortability with the “numbers”.  Establishing a data governance program is one of many ways EPM&BI can help in handling the truth.


Get In, Get the Job Done

One of our objectives is to get in and get the job done! EPM&BI strives to build maintainable systems which can be handed over at the end of the project.  This way we can continue to build great solutions together by continuously moving forward.